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ishopjay z is starting a line at barneys; the place where a young black male is suing them for falsely accusing him of stealing by assuming he couldn’t afford to buy an item in the store.  hov is a business man, why should he get involved?

oprah couldn’t by a bag at hermes.  AND what?  i’m pretty sure she has much bigger fish to fry…  

is it cool to treat someone horribly at your store because of their race, gender or sexual orientation. NO

but let’s get real. all this fuss is much deeper than folks are trying to front.   think about it. when was the last time we had boycotts because someone got kicked out of a 99 cent store…

the outrage is that barneys and hermes are supposed to be the IT stores. the place where the ‘fabulous’ get their toys.   so by treating a black person badly at those stores, they are indirectly saying that they are not worthy of fabulousity too.  so people are mad…

but i say so what.  

forget barneys.  why get your self-worth from a store selling a bunch of stuff.   people get discriminated all the time.  it’s not a good thing but it is a fact.  the anger needs to be directed at why in 2013 we still have discrimination and negative stereotypes.

the outrage should be that there is still a belief that certain people are not good enough.  but until we focus on that, to me this is but a silly scuffle over nothing.   a rag over who has the right to wear the best designer clothes is not the fight i’m checking to be a part of…

one of my favorite quotes is by ethel watts mumford

“the greatest possession is self possession”  

stay focused ladies! you look good in that dress regardless of where it came from

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catfish blog 10-13

i’ve been watching the tv show catfish for a while now and every time i’m in disbelief.  there was a lot of buzz about the show with the catfisher who pretended to be bow wow in love with one of his fans.   that was a crazy episode.  but i really couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday when i turned on BET 106 & Park to see that the catfish stunter was sitting with her victim AND the real bow wow.  just NOT COOL

the tv show is entertainment but in real life lying about who you are and luring someone into love with a  fake name is heartless.   

you probably could get love by being who you really are.  what is it you don’t like about yourself that you gotta pretend?  

catfishers need watch out because you might get caught out there by someone who decides to press charges for cyberbullying or get you locked up as an online predator.  it’s really not a game.  especially for the victims…

i feel for the innocent person who’s online looking for love only to find out they’ve been lied to and made a fool of.  it breaks my heart to think about all the girls who realized they are crushing on a fake.  

it may be hard to stop catfishing from happening and i’m pretty sure the show will stay on air. but let’s not glorify it like it’s the next best thing to get famous.  people can get hurt. 

stay far away from catfishing by being as real as you can on the internet.

don’t fall for anyone that can’t give you back up about what they say about themselves. 

and never break rule #1

He/she’s not your boy/girlfriend until you get to meet face to face

keep it 100% so you can stay safe!


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DChitwood_HappyGirlsgirls often fret about our looks.

do we have the right outfit on, is our hair looking good, are our thighs too big…the list goes on. 

physical fitness is all the rage. but have you ever thought about being mentally in shape?

i’m not talking about the absence of mental illness.  but being emotionally fit, happy and at peace; socially balanced and all around feeling strong in your mind.

seems like a lot of the talk about mental health focuses on the negative emotional problems people can have. and that is important but its not all mental health is about.

so today on world mental health day i’m challenging my girls to get in shape!

-start working out your heart by doing something you love at least once a week

-do repeated reps of saying nice things about yourself each day

-run wild with laughter as much as you can stand

-take time to care for yourself

that’s my mental health diet and the great part is chocolate is allowed!


some of you know i have been an advocate in the fight against hiv for over a decade.   my research and community work has focused on building awareness and preventing hiv among teens.  so imagine my shock and awe in hearing about a case where the hiv virus was the cure.  this is a must watch video…

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