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i didn’t go home for the holidays, so i decided to bring home to me.   a nice spread of home cooked meals…

mom makes a mean cornbread!  so soft and sweet, no need for butter it just melts in your mouth.  so cornmeal, flour, eggs and sugar in tow i was ready to go!   but it turned out totally gross!

not to fear, i had the christmas spirit and kept going with my homemade feast.

my grandmother (may she rest in peace) was the best at making fried plantains. it’s one of my favorite side dishes (though i actually pile it on the plate like it’s the full entree).   i got to frying only to find they weren’t ripe enough…

just when i was about to give up.  the time had come for me to make my famous apple crumble pie. AND it came out perfection.

i do miss my grandmother during the holidays and wish i was home with my mom.  but this holiday i also realized, home is where the heart is and my heart knows how to bake pie.


at sassysage says we often highlight girls/women who are doing amazing things. this blog we are saluting chiara de blasio, daughter of the mayor elect of new york city.  

this morning she surprised everyone with a video of her courageously sharing her experience with clinical depression and substance abuse.  like thousands of other teen girls, her mental health and substance abuse got worse when she went away to college. be inspired by her journey.

she is so right when she says that we are not open enough about substance abuse and mental illness.   without help it’s a life or death situation that should not be swept under the rug.  she got the help she needed through therapy and as she says, ‘hard work’.  if you or someone you know needs assistance with substance abuse a great place for help is:

For easy to understand information about depression visit:

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in my research with young men, every single man that we surveyed who is sexually active mentioned that they are having sex with more than one person. they had a main girl (or several mains) and then shorties.  most of them did not use condoms with their girlfriend/main partner. they all said they would never dare tell their girlfriends about their other partners…and we wonder why there is still HIV?  

each year we take time out to acknowledge those who have been affected and impacted by HIV/AIDS.  i’ve been working in the world of HIV prevention for 15 years.   i’ve met the most courageous men and women who have lived with the virus. they are super strong and keep me going in what is more than becoming an uphill battle.   


you see many people think that HIV/AIDS is no longer an issue.  they are SO WRONG.

they haven’t heard the countless stories i’ve been told by HIV testing counselors of having to disclose a diagnosis to person after person. HIV is still very prevalent, especially among teens/young adults.

SO what’s the deal ladies? why are you still allowing yourself to be played?   you don’t know who he has been with and you certainly don’t know his status.  so why would you say yes.    if he’s not down with it, he really doesn’t love you.  you are so much more.  

He is NOT worth it….

Say No to sex 


Use a condom 


Get Tested for HIV and other STDs

For more info about HIV and how to get tested visit

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