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at sassysagesays we often highlight girls/women who are doing amazing things.

i read about teen entrepreneur Georgia Becker on the blog InHerShoes.  i was so impressed i wanted to make sure you heard about her too…

Georgia Becker is only 14 and co-founded her own business,, which is an online site that providing beauty tutorials.

big congrats to Georgia Becker!  she’s an everyday girl with a dream that she made come true.

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This Valentine’s Day, remember it’s not all about balloons and flowers.  Most importantly it’s about being in a safe, loving and healthy relationship.

If you or a teen girl you know has a question about relationships, visit or text “loveis” to 22522.

Remember, love has many definitions, but abuse isn’t one of them.

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congrats to the Kidscreen winners of the teen/tween programming awards.  Kidscreen Awards celebrate the year’s best work in children’s television.  


Best Animated Series

Dan Vs.

Film Roman, in association with The Hatchery

Best Non-Animated or Mixed Series

R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour

Front Street Productions, in association with The Hatchery

Best One-Off, Special or TV Movie
Vishus Productions/ABC3

Best Companion Website
Dance Academy Series 3
Werner Film Productions/Hoodlum/ABC/ZDF/ZDFE/ACTF

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Unknowna spoon full of honey…

or two

plus half a lemon

a dash (and no more) of HOT water

it may sound like a recipe for sugar shock but it’s my miracle cure!!!!

my lil honey saved me this week, as i started battling a nasty cough that tried to knock me out

but my potion works every time and now i’m back to life

what are some home remedies that get you through these winter month blues?

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