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i’m loving the new social media site batteryPOP. imagine a cross between youtube, fb and netflix.  the free site allows youth to watch original programs and rate their favs.  you can follow a show you like best and shout out to your friends the episodes you’ve been watching.  one of my favs is a show called ‘girl and robot’  check it out and let us know what you think…

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at sassysagesays we often highlight girls/women who are doing amazing things.  so we had to give a shout out to 22 year old fatu kekula!  

fatu blogfatu is a nursing student in liberia, who sprung into action when several of her family members caught ebola.   thinking on her feet, she patched together supplies; even using trash bags as her protective gear.  not only did she save her family members but she also never caught ebola herself!

katu blog 2

we honor your strength and courage fatu.  

you believed enough in your passion for nursing and showed the world that no tiny virus is a match for a smart girl on the move.

click here to learn more about her story.




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i went by the dumbo arts festival this past weekend to check out the south asian women’s creative collective performance ‘beauty’.

it had me questioning how we/i decide what is beautiful and who’s standard i/we use to determine what is hot and what is not.

as i walked through the exhibit performances i stubbled upon the #damnilookgood installation. Qinza Najm and Saks Afridi, two Pakistani-American artists, created the piece that encouraged passersby to try on Muslim veils and re-imagine the experience as empowering.

it was a hot day; so i sat in sweat with the veil on waiting for my photo to be taken. the veil was tight and uncomfortable. in that moment i wasn’t convinced.

it wasn’t until the next day after seeing jlo and izzy’s booty video that i realized veiled or half-naked; SELF-DEFINED beauty is the only way to achieve true power.


i can’t judge women from other cultures that choose to be covered from head to toe. and i shouldn’t judge those who prefer to wear a lot less (though twitter has certainly chosen to judge the jlo video).

what we should judge is WHY are we making those choices.

without the pressure from family; without standards to adhere to by faith; without the constant media images (and scandalous videos); without ads selling best beauty (booty) ‘secrets’. without it all; if we really were free to just be our naturally beautiful selves…what choices would we make?

i have no answer.

for me just asking the question takes my beauty to whole ‘nother level…

and that feels empowering.

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