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Ready Set Go

where will you take life in 2015?

tons of people are buzzing about trying to figure out what to give for the holidays.  others are anxiously awaiting what they will get.  i say forget it all!

try doing what i have done by many years and forgo gift giving around the holidays altogether.  if you feel you MUST give something, make it a token that’s meaningful.  

1- how about giving a lovely photo of a happy time with friends in a nice frame.

2-  offer to clean out the closets for mom, i’m pretty sure she will LOV that.  

3- i’m baking cookies from scratch.  that’s always a winner!

make the holidays fun by focusing on what’s important; being with family/friends, appreciating life and piggin out (of course)…

so here’s to a happier holiday from sassy.sage to you.

no gifts white outside circle

i have failed! my profession has failed; our community has failed. failed from another bright life lost to apparent suicide.

i was so stunned to learn of the death of Ms. Jessies co-founder Titi Branch. i didn’t know her well but whenever i saw her she was always so warm and inviting. from the outside looking in one would never imagine she could be suffering inside. but therein lies the paradox…

for many Black women/girls, suffering in hiding is a legacy that has been passed on for generations. we wear a mask but unlike the description paul laurence dubar gave for men; the Black women/girls’s mask is the lie of having it all. we look the part, we act the part, we give & give until our soul GIVES in.

this strong Black woman complex or sojournor syndrome as it is being called by researchers is killing us. it’s time for us to stop ignoring our own pain or the pain of our loved ones.

just because her hair is tight and her make up right, it doesn’t mean she is okay. it’s more than time to take signs of depression and suicide seriously. signs include loss of interest in activities, isolation, loss or gain in appetite, loss or gain in sleeping patterns, talking about taking ones life.

if you need help, find a trained therapist who understands the unique gender and cultural needs of Black women/girls. if you don’t like the first therapist you see, try another one. getting the right fit is crucial.

contact the national suicide prevention lifeline if you need to talk immediately to a professional.  it’s available 24hours a day, 7 days a week 1 (800) 273-8255

my heart goes out to all families who have lost a loved one to suicide. may their souls and yours be in peace.

hot97 street soldiers 12-14

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apa bet logo 11-14American Psychological Association and BET Rap It Up Campaign have partnered together to create a national youth HIV awareness campaign.  

Part of the effort includes an advisory board of youth across the country.  

This World AIDS Day they are sharing facts and information via social media.  

To learn more about the partnership visit:

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