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Sage’s Rage: #NoGiftGiving

Posted on: December 19, 2014

tons of people are buzzing about trying to figure out what to give for the holidays.  others are anxiously awaiting what they will get.  i say forget it all!

try doing what i have done by many years and forgo gift giving around the holidays altogether.  if you feel you MUST give something, make it a token that’s meaningful.  

1- how about giving a lovely photo of a happy time with friends in a nice frame.

2-  offer to clean out the closets for mom, i’m pretty sure she will LOV that.  

3- i’m baking cookies from scratch.  that’s always a winner!

make the holidays fun by focusing on what’s important; being with family/friends, appreciating life and piggin out (of course)…

so here’s to a happier holiday from sassy.sage to you.

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