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with this ring movie

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i saw selma last week. it has taken me a minute to absorb everything in the film. first things first; it is a must see! go if you haven’t, run and check it out today!

the thing i am left with most is that the legends that we look up to like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., were people just like us.  the difference was they had a vision and took action.   that’s it.  

so many women and girls were part of that history because they listened to their hearts and were moved.

let Dr. King holiday be a reminder to us all that we have dreams in our hearts that we must act on.  


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i’m hearing lots of chatter about the oscar nominations snub, especially of women.  this awards season it seems like the hollywood insiders are living in a world that doesn’t exist.   everywhere i turn women are making moves…so why can’t i see them making movies?

i love watching films and there are tons that were released last year which were amazing.  i’m not expecting every film i like to get an award but hollywood needs to get a clue.  women make great films and they should be recognized for it.

all of you who are making noise about the lack of diversity in award nominations; i hope you make it your business to turn off the tv when the shows air.  nothing screams irrelevant than low ratings.  maybe they will come around when no one is noticing them anymore.

it worked with tv.  remember when tv was so bad masses fled to the internet and everywhere else to get our entertainment. those execs scrambled and came up with good drama and diverse casts.  now tv is back in fashion.

take note hollywood, we will turn the other way and #ShutOscarsOut

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