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Sage’s Rage: rules of success for #brainiacs

Posted on: June 5, 2015

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you’re constantly hearing you should aim for big goals.  you’re like many girls who are doing amazing things and flying off the achievement charts.  

but when the dust settles; you feel dazed and confused.   i’ve felt that way many times before.

over the years i realized i needed some tried and true tips for making it as a brainiac girl…

images1- be proud of your brainy self

often we see celebrities in the media getting all the shine.  but don’t forget there are tons of brainsters behind the scenes making moves.  be confident that your love of brainy things is all you need to be truly on top.



2- eat brain feeding food

working hard can often mean working your brain silly.                               brains needs extra special fuel to imgreskeep them working right.  i LUV smooties cause they are easy to make and pack a punch of brain busting vitamins.  pop in a blender your favorite fruits, veggies plus h20 and watch how much ‘smoother’ your brain roars.


3- take lots of breaks

imgresi love to sleep.  so much so, my family often jokes that i’m ‘doing my homework’ when i’m asleep.  but a busy girl has learned that you need to reboot when your brain is on overdrive. be sure to get a full nights rest.  also make time for zone-out breaks during the day for at least 10 minutes at a time where you do nothing but chill.

4- create fun times

working at your dreams can be a great time. but it’s really good to have a life outside of work too.  don’t feel that you have to do something that other people find fun.  if you’re not smiling or laughing out loud; it doesn’t count. whatever floats your brainy boat is where to go for fun.


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