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cartoons and animation are not just about silly jokes. it can be true ART with a lot to say. that’s why we love Zen Pencils and the inspiration these querky drawings bring us…this is one of our fav Zen Pencil quotes


we are so excited to learn that Zen Pencils is encouraging youth animators to follow where their doodling takes them by offering a free youth activity guide. 

***tips by the creator of Zen Pencils include:

Use color against black and white to highlight joy or positivity.

Lines and repeated images are used to show motion.

For example, draw lines around or behind a character/object to show movement. 


Find a quote that you feel applies to your own life and create a comic that tells a story of your fav quote. It could be a story from your life or a story that you make up. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of drawing experience…

For more great ideas to spark your comic dreams, you can download the Zen Pencils activity guide for free here

***referenced from Zen Pencils Teachers Guide

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just got back from a few weeks of rest and relaxation.  

looking forward to seeing what’s in store as i get back to work…DSC_0089

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