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it’s odd day!!


and i’m posting at 17:19:21

5:19pm and 21 seconds…hehe:)

being odd is all good.  

let’s face it, everyone has something about them that’s different from the next person.  so why not embrace the oddness.

since it’s the last time this entire century this will happen, go with a bang being the oddball out!!

what you gonna do to let your quirky self shine?

add day


Photo: Linda “Belgium” Gordon

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i’m at a meeting with some of the most amazing women leaders in the country.  they are rocking my socks off with their brilliance.  

i’ve gotten the chance to pick their brains about how they got the idea they could rule. and all of them say the same thing.  

they saw someone else and thought i wanna be like that too!  

that’s what having sheros can do!

imagine a world where girls had heros that looked like us.

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