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i’ve been working hard on a teen novel for a while now.  this is a new type of writing for me and i LOVE it.  but it take a looong time.  

cue…marley dias

the girl visionary who started the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign.  she wanted to find books that reflected her and her life.  she thought she might not be the only black girl would want those books and spread the word on twitter…

there are now more the 700 books in the database.  you can find the books by  clicking here for database of #1000BlackGirlBooks

marley is my inspiration.  one day soon i hope for my book to be in her list!!!

what can you inspire others to do?

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yeah i said it…you (and i) are the problem but also the solution.

things are looking real off base these days. bad news, violence, hatred and drama in the media and out on your block. we get mad, blame and lose hope.

but what i believe is these events are trying tell us something.  it’s going to keep happening if we don’t stop talking and begin to act.  make change happen by being the change.   just like times in your own personal life you may have something ‘bad’ happen only to realize down the line that the ‘negative’ was actually a blessing.  the lost job led you to start a business of your own, the break up helped you open your eyes to the person of your dreams, getting kicked off a team helped you find an even more exciting hobby. the silver lining; the ultimate buddy of optimism is always there for the taking.  but taking is required.

if we want to see the glass half full we’ve got to pick it up. things can get better but it’s up to you (and i). so what are you (we) gonna do?

glass blog

it’s independence day; usa’s birthday.

i’m giving today another purpose.  

july 4th for me is gonna be about celebrating freedom!!

     -feeling comfortable speaking my mind

     -making time to do without unwanted distractions

     -not worrying about how i look or sound

     -doing exactly what i want with my time

     -cooking up new things to explore

     -lots & lots of big chuckling laughter

got any other ideas for me?

what else can i do to celebrate freedom?

freedom blog

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