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i consider myself a foodie.  my standards are pretty darn high. so i must admit on a recent trip to germany i wasn’t expecting much.  

i’m not a fan of sauerkraut and don’t eat meat and despise beer. so i figured i’d be starving.  to my delight and thanks to such a rich and diverse population i had a blast feasting while in berlin.  

my favs were truffle pizza, organic soda by fritz-kola and the ultimate falafel sandwich!!!


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at sassysagesays we often highlight girls/young women who are doing amazing things. this time we are switching it up and honoring a young man, Arshell Dennis, a student at St. John’s University, a thought leader and organizer.  

he was shot dead in a senseless act of mistaken identity.   tragically this happened over the weekend as he was visiting his mother to surprise her for her birthday.

as a member of the st. john’s community, i am sending prayers to his family and friends. chicago, where he was from and many cities in our country are under siege with this type of violence.   

it’s more than time to stop shooting.  our world is losing too many bright minds and giving hearts.  may he and the many others that are lost to gun violence RIP.

here is an interview he did last year. you can see how passionate he was about making a difference. sadly he will not get the chance. 

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tonight kicks of the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. the games are a time to celebrate hard work, dedication and the amazing talent of the athletes.  it’s also a symbol of hope, peace and positive values.  

i always had the highest respect for the olympics until i had a chance to watch the latest HBO real sports with bryant gumbel expose the international olympics committee.  what they found is a series of underhanded crookedness that looks more like an HBO mob show than real life.  

in rio they destroyed homes of the poor, have left raw sewage running in the waters where the athletes will compete and ignored hundreds of health professional pleas to postpone because of the zika virus.  

as you begin to route for your favorite sport make sure to include this on your must watch list…



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