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if you want a surge of feel good, watch Fusion network documentary O Girls. 


i was a well of tears most of the film. it originally aired earlier this month but with so much going on in the world & my life i waited to catch it on demand.  

i, like millions, watched the Oprah Winfrey show and was in awe of her goal to build a school for girls in south africa.  this wasn’t going to be some run down one step above what the girls could get at home type of school. Mama O was planning to build a state of the art academy better than the best prep schools in the world.   i often wondered how the school (Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls) and the OLAG girls faired.  

O Girls doc answers…it follows up the girls who graduated from the very first OLAG class. some of the girls have even graduated from college and are moving on to their careers!!! as moving as it was to see the great things the girls have accomplished, what inspired me about the film was it showed the struggles they encountered. this despite getting one of the biggest gifts a person could imagine.  

most of us could only dream of having Oprah pick us out of a crowd and providing for our wishes to come true.   in our minds, we would be set for life! what the documentary showed is that regardless of what blessings flow our way, there will always be hurdles to overcome.   the girls had to deal with death of family members, struggles adjusting to life without their families, confidence and guilt issues while still giving their best.  i learned from watching the film that miracles do happen BUT you still have to put in the work after-all.   

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that famous “i have a dream” quote has been heard around the world by millions.  but how many of us have truly thought deeply about the meaning. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was speaking of course about racial tolerance.  but his words meant more…

it was a call for us to consider a person’s actions, the way they treat others, their words and ultimately their heart.   it’s not enough to look at the superficial aspects of others like how much money they have, their titles, the clothes they wear or how many social media followers they have.  look further and discover what people are about.  get to know and truly see them.   pay attention to their actions and then you can make a judgement of who they really are.  

on this mlk day when the country is so divided, i hope we can take a moment to heed his words.  we need to refocus our priorities when deciding who to look up to and who to dismiss.   

let’s place our highest value on character; the true mark of a person.


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