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Hot off the Press: What about #Syria’s children?

Posted on: April 7, 2017

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airstrikes may seem a benign activity like a video game.  but what goes up must come down.  huge bombs are landing on soil where innocent people live; many of them children.

the children of syria have cried until there are no more tears.  they have spent their entire lives ravaged with war.  a few weeks ago, Save The Children, released a shockingly brutal report about how millions of children who have been left in syria are surviving.  they interviewed hundreds of children and humanitarian workers.  what they write is beyond heartbreaking.  children are scarred so badly that it has been determined they are now in a state of toxic stress; likely emotionally wounded for life. 

and now with the latest violence they may be enduring the worst all over again.   these children need our help.  we cannot sit and act like this is not happening…



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