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Sage’s Rage: growing pains & #sheamoisture

Posted on: May 5, 2017

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can we give shea moisture another chance?  i know many of you are shaking your heads no.   but hear me out…we have all made mistakes in our lives including offending when we never intended. this is what it seems happened to them.  

if you haven’t heard, shea moisture is a natural hair care company that has primarily been focused on products for women of color, specifically African American women. they’ve had a huge following for decades. so much so the company has soared.  as with any company that is looking to grow, they decided to expand their market.  they were about to roll out a new ad campaign and when one of the ads came out, it featured little to no African American women.  this angered a lot of women (and men) in the African American community who decided to drop the brand. 

the company has apologized saying they never intended for the ad to be viewed outside of the context of the entire roll out.  giving them the side eye for sure…but this is a very real possibility.  they are a growing company and perhaps they weren’t quite ready for the big roll out.  perhaps they didn’t have as tight a vetting process as they should have. perhaps they hired the wrong marketing firm to assist the growth campaign.  but these things happen with any organization or company or person as one learns what and how to do next level things.  

growth takes risk and being places that are unknown.  that will lead to mistakes, mistakes that may unintentionally upset others.   if you are willing to fly united again after their fiasco, shouldn’t you be willing to give shea mositure another try?   if they had a track record of delivering high quality products that work for so many years, isn’t it worth giving them a second chance?

listen to ceo rich dennis on the breakfast club and decide for yourself…

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