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Sage’s Rage: When Grief Kills

Posted on: September 15, 2017


i told myself my first blog after dad’s death would be about how i’ve overcome.  i envisioned that by now i would be back into the swing of things.   but that was before grief visited and decided to make my life it’s home.   like many of you who have lost a close family member or friend, the pain can be too much to bare.  it may seem like you (me) can never get the death out of our mind.

it’s too soon for me to really speak on living with grief.  all i can say is for now, one month in i have not overcome.  i’m not back bigger and better. but i am here.  i will try to write and create again. i will try to run my business and be a teacher while i’m getting taught about life’s twists and turns.  please be patient with me as i try to be patient with myself.  i will try and keep trying as i stumble through this new terrain; my new existence since grief killed the life i knew before…

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The Ambassador, the honorable Alexander Wallace was my friend, brother and fellow Growd 21 member! I’m sooo sorry circumstances didn’t permit me personally to attend his funeral. My daughter Weahde Weefur Greaves and her family represented.
Alex was a brilliant, thoughtful, kind, considerate, and humorous human being! I had never, I mean NEVER seen Alex with a frown or a sad face! He always had an uplifting, and positive take on things! Something a lot of people can surely use!
“Thou whom hast lived, and lived with their fellow man well,
Will forever in their hearts, and memories continue to dwell!” – Nim
May his soul, and the souls of our dearly departed, rest in perpetual peace!
So mote it be!

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