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another school shooting happened today and i’m just too upset to write a full blog.  it seems the policy makers don’t care one bit about youth.  how many more precious children need to die?  it’s a disgrace.   i’ve said it before, we have to care about our youth and partner with them to find solutions to these tragedies.   For more of my thoughts on this click on my blog post below from January 2013.

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most of my posts have been about optimism, positivity and enjoying life. but today i’m angry and i’m not going to fake it.   

as a woman of color i’m often attacked by all the negative media images, false stereotypes, bias and unequal treatment.  i usually focus on rising above it. i know it’s important not to let the hate of others get in my way.   but this week was different…

you may have heard the news about a black female yale student who had the police called on her while she was taking a study break nap from finals in the common area of her dorm.   when i heard, it stung so deep.  it’s taken me a few days to find the words.  i’m a prof and on a campus all the time.  i know how important it is for college to be a safe place, so you can learn and transition into the adult you are meant to be.   as a yale grad, i remember the common areas. they are like living rooms and supposed to me you feel like home.  to think that was snatched away from this student, who could have been me, is surreal.   

some people are saying what’s the big deal.  the police came, she showed her id and all is good. but it’s not…she may never feel safe again. she may never be able to breathe into her true brilliance because someone else’s ignorance tried to steal her right to be there.  i’m hoping the young woman is able to rise above this and becomes stronger. but i know to do that she will have to face all the anger, hurt and pain. that situation and all the many others we have been seeing lately are a big deal. such as the black women who had the police called on them at their own golf course for playing too slowly or the black woman who was violently arrested by police at a waffle house for asking to speak to the manager and the list goes on.  those women will have to move through painful feelings and so am i.  

facing anger will allow me to deal with it. and when i deal; i heal.  healing…that’s what i hope for the student at yale, for all women whom others have attempted to take their humanity away from, for all of us. let’s face our anger and become better together.  



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