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DChitwood_HappyGirlsgirls often fret about our looks.

do we have the right outfit on, is our hair looking good, are our thighs too big…the list goes on. 

physical fitness is all the rage. but have you ever thought about being mentally in shape?

i’m not talking about the absence of mental illness.  but being emotionally fit, happy and at peace; socially balanced and all around feeling strong in your mind.

seems like a lot of the talk about mental health focuses on the negative emotional problems people can have. and that is important but its not all mental health is about.

so today on world mental health day i’m challenging my girls to get in shape!

-start working out your heart by doing something you love at least once a week

-do repeated reps of saying nice things about yourself each day

-run wild with laughter as much as you can stand

-take time to care for yourself

that’s my mental health diet and the great part is chocolate is allowed!


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you must check out this DOVE youtube video that was posted this week.

it has gotten over 8 million hits.


just goes to show how much we miss all the beauty in ourselves.  

it’s time to stop being so hard on ourselves.

i’m in the process of taking a ‘love me’ pledge.  

give it a try…

for the next 30 days, think about one thing that you love about your body (chose a different thing each day)

let me know what you picked…

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