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i’ve been watching the tv show catfish for a while now and every time i’m in disbelief.  there was a lot of buzz about the show with the catfisher who pretended to be bow wow in love with one of his fans.   that was a crazy episode.  but i really couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday when i turned on BET 106 & Park to see that the catfish stunter was sitting with her victim AND the real bow wow.  just NOT COOL

the tv show is entertainment but in real life lying about who you are and luring someone into love with a  fake name is heartless.   

you probably could get love by being who you really are.  what is it you don’t like about yourself that you gotta pretend?  

catfishers need watch out because you might get caught out there by someone who decides to press charges for cyberbullying or get you locked up as an online predator.  it’s really not a game.  especially for the victims…

i feel for the innocent person who’s online looking for love only to find out they’ve been lied to and made a fool of.  it breaks my heart to think about all the girls who realized they are crushing on a fake.  

it may be hard to stop catfishing from happening and i’m pretty sure the show will stay on air. but let’s not glorify it like it’s the next best thing to get famous.  people can get hurt. 

stay far away from catfishing by being as real as you can on the internet.

don’t fall for anyone that can’t give you back up about what they say about themselves. 

and never break rule #1

He/she’s not your boy/girlfriend until you get to meet face to face

keep it 100% so you can stay safe!


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when i was a little girl my favorite toy in the world was my cousin annie! she was a little rag doll that i loved to play with.

kids love toys and use them as a way to practice being ‘adults’. it’s great for their imagination, speaking and social skills but it’s also a wonderful way for them to practice thinking BiG.

Doc_McStuffins 12-12that’s why i luv the new Disney show Doc McStuffins, which is a about a 6 year old girl,  Dottie McStuffins, who wants to become a doctor like her mom.  so she practices healing with her toys.    the show comes on Disney and was renewed for a second season which will air next Spring!

wouldn’t DR. MS be a wonderful christmas gift for a little girl or boy to receive.  such a great role model to play with!

speaking of role model’s…

I’m giving a huge shout out to one of my favorite real life docs! Dr. Jeri Dyson who is going to appear on BET 106 & park for the World AIDS Day special!! Check her out Tonight 7pm (EST)

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Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  I’m sure you have heard the numbers…

In 2009, Black Americans represented only 14% of the U.S. population, but accounted for almost half of all new HIV infections.  That’s right, people are still getting infected with HIV, which is a completely preventable virus.    And the numbers keep increasing especially among Black youth because we aren’t talking about it.  So I need your help…

Please take some time to talk to a teen about building positive relationships and getting tested to they know where they stand…

For more information about National Black HIV/AIDS awareness Day visit:

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