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dr dyson booki‘m so excited about the release of the new book, An Apple A Day Keeps The Drama Away, by Dr. Jeri Dyson.

Dr. Dyson is a teen doc and internationally recognized for her work.

full disclosure- I have know Dr. Dyson for years and have been a fan of hers from day one.   she is super smart.   xavier med school grad and trained in adolescent medicine at john’s hopkins; so she knows her stuff!  

Dr. Dyson and i have worked together with the BET Rap It Up Campaign of which she is the medical advisor.   i could go on and on about her accomplishments.

BUT the most important thing about Dr. Dyson is her commitment and passion for helping people be their best and most healthy selves.

she currently practices medicine, so she is in the know about what’s happening with today’s youth.  in fact her radio show GET IN THE KNOW with Dr. Jeri Dyson is followed my many youth looking for advice.  Dr. Dyson realized others could use the advice she offers in her practice and with her show, so she wrote this book.  here’s what Dr. Dyson had to say about her book, An Apple A Day Keeps The Drama Away.

“In a world full of ‘reality’ shows we are being bombarded with TV DRAMA.  Our voyeristic addiction to fist fights, backbiting, name calling and sex scandals has landed some people in some unfavorable positions in the real world.   Is this art imitating life or life imitating art?  It’s good tv but bad reality.  Life is more than yanking weaves, casual sex, throwing drinks and having lunch. My desire is that this book will help people learn how to maximize their reality”

written in her unique keep it simple and fun style, An Apple A Day Keeps The Drama Away, is a great read. it’s spiritually based with bite sized nuggets that readers will love.  

i think this book is especially good for young women who are just going off to college or newly on their own.  the gems in the book will start you off on the right footing.

pick up a copy today…doctor’s orders!

Today is World AIDS Day

What steps you are taking to fight the epidemic? I’ve got two for you:

1- Check out this virtual quilt commemorating the tireless work of those who are working to prevent HIV/AIDS worldwide.   Learn from others and share your stories.!112911-health-world-aids-day-quilt-13

2- Read the following commentary written by HIV/AIDS activist Denise Stokes.  It will leave you speechless but motivated to join the fight!

I Didn’t Know

World AIDS Day 2011 Reflections

By Denise Stokes

Some say that I have an impressive resume. I’ve lived with HIV for almost 30 years and spent more than half of my life fighting, marching, educating, and loving whoever I could reach. My portfolio is riddled with speeches and articles and photos… and I have loved living every step of my journey. But they have been hard years.

Yes, there has been love and laughter because I refuse to not embrace the amazing gift of life God grants me. At times I feel unstoppable – but I have to be honest with you; I am tired. AIDS is not a celebration. AIDS is a dark shadow that has settled over us and too many people still refuse to turn the light on. I am still fairly young but many of my friends are dead – one of them died today. He was a tireless soldier of love who, like so many advocates, spent his life reaching out to others in compassion. Now, we who are left will carry his passion along with our own and keep reaching people … until another of us falls silent.

We still die. Yes, we have amazing medicines. Yes, we have loving comrades who empower us for the fight. Yes, people being diagnosed with HIV can live long, full, amazing lives. But I risk your sensitivities to remind you that people still die from this disease; and we as educators and nurturers are deeply saddened when we see so many people continuing to become newly infected. At times I feel like an utter failure because I want to stop it; yet the numbers keep growing.

I am often asked what the worst part of living with HIV is. Stigma. Stigma is the most insidious side-effect of AIDS. The whispers when we choose to date, marry and have children – live. The look of judgment and the lightly veiled, “What did you do to get it”. Stigma keeps people silent with fear of being considered a pariah and scares otherwise proactive people away from testing centers. Stigma keeps driving the epidemic into the lives of family after family. And stigma, like HIV is 100% preventable.

I am full of hope and full of life. But like so many who have made ending the spread of HIV their life’s mission I count the numbers new HIV diagnosis and tremble inside. I still hear the stories of people being disowned and ostracized because of their HV status and the weight of the sadness is brutal. Then on World AIDS Day there is a brief kum-ba-yah and it’s over for many. But I will not sit idly by and watch the story of us be filed away 364 days of the year. I live with AIDS. Every day of life is World AIDS day for me – and for your cousin, your brother, your aunt, your grandmother, and your son… AIDS is not a day. It is a frightening state of apathy, indecision, mistaken choice, and fear that we can and must eradicate.

When I was infected at 13 I didn’t know HIV was out there. In those first years when I waited to die I did not know that I could and should fight for my life and medical care. When I took the first generation of pills we had to fight HIV, I did not know they would make me sick. I didn’t know how many times I would grab my black funeral suit to say goodbye to someone I loved. There was just so much I did not know. But I found out. I investigated and people reached out to help me to understand and to live.

But now that we have left you this legacy of love – now that we have paid with our lives to make sure that you now, what will you do?

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Last week BET Rap It Up Campaign sponsored, Real Talk with Real Men, a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Jeri Dyson.  The event was held at Morgan State University and was filled with an auditorium of women only. They were there to hear from the guys themselves and get a better handle on the not so easy to decipher male mind.

You can imagine the screams and excitement as the panel which included Raheem DeVaughn, Joe Clair, Sammie, khalil, and Big Tigger among others entered the room.

The guys spoke on the hot topics of love, sex and relationships in a keep it real fashion that caused plenty of wow moments throughout the night.

Dr. Dyson who is known for her frank and sistergirlfriend style kept the panel of energetic men on track.  Comedian Joe Clair had us in stitches with his stories of life getting dissed as the good guy until he met the love of his life whom he married several years ago. The bottom line from him was that sisters are sleeping on the guys that you would want to marry.  I remember the hush in the room as Bishop Derek Triplett of Hope Fellowship Church then urged the ladies to choose men by looking at “What’s in his heart, what’s in his head, what’s in his hand [that is what he can do, not his $ ladies].” 

We learned that Sammie is more than great looks and a sexy voice. He loves to read, he’s into opera, and he travels; so much more than the image that we see. He wants a woman that can match who he is which means we ladies need to make it a priority to work on ourselves.  I say amen because I’ve learned as a ‘woman of a certain age’ that a good relationship requires growth from both partners.

They say never judge a book by its cover. But the guys told us that many men do.  Men know within 30sec-1min, said Raheem Devaugh schooling us on the three categories men may put you in when you first meet.  The category of wifey is had by the woman who knows who she is, has boundaries and the key ingredient is making the man hold to your expectations of how you want him to treat you.  And how do we know if a guy is who he says he is? Just wait around and see, Big Tigger chimes in. Cause men will show who they are, just give it time and pay attention to their actions.

It was a powerful moment for all the ladies in the house. Not only did we get a glimpse of the ‘real’ soul and minds of these heart throb celebrities but we also learned so much. Kahil said it best when he challenged us to use self discipline in the moment; think about what was said and use it to make better decisions. Now that’s real talk…

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