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this was likely the first election for many of you. please know it’s not always like this. no matter what side you were on; this past year has been tough. all the division and shouting has taken a toll. take a deep breath, light candles or go for a walk and make sure to find a comforting shoulder to lean on. allow yourself the time to heal.

you may be concerned how we will come together and move towards something positive for the country. the answer lies in YOU.

it’s up to us  (me & YOU) to keep striving for good in ourselves, our families and community. it won’t be easy. there will be bumps in the road. but the only answer is to never give up. presidents come and go. they make a difference in the type of life we lead BUT they are not the final answer.

if you were looking for a historic moment and are saddened to see it didn’t happen. don’t lose hope. a woman president for the USA is destined to be and it may be YOU.

women are the backbone of society; nothing can stop us. so girls let’s get to moving.

as Beyonce showed the world earlier this year during superbowl.

march on to greatness and march on strong.

formation time!


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women’s history month is coming to an end.  we have been hearing all this talk from sheryl sandberg about girls/women making sure we are sitting ‘at the table’ with men. beyonce telling others to bow down!

is having a month (a mere 31 days) focused on women too small time & not ballsy enough?

what do you think? here’s what i have to say…

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today Jay-Z  and Beyonce posted photos of their daughter Baby Blue.

they did so in style with the grand reveal of her very own website

no doubt that site is blowing up right now cause everyone wants a piece of little miss ivy.   some have said all this exposure can’t be good for a child.  but i disagree.

it takes a village to raise a child and if we do it right, millions of us over the next two decades could help bring blue ivy into her own.   sending her love, giving sage (no pun intended) advice, applauding her success and most importantly forgiving the mistakes she is sure to make.

all the hysteria over the carter birth can be refocused to launch a ‘national campaign’ to promote family values, a sense of community and commitment to our children.  the fixation with how cute she is will hopefully allow us to see how adorable all of our youth are.  IF we do it right.

so visit the site, talk all you want, become a fan of B.I. but remember that just like any other kid, a life is at stake and how we act towards her matters…

This past weekend everyone was all buzz about  

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s birth of a baby girl, Blue Ivy.  

I’m excited for them and can see that with the name they chose they have big plans for lil one

(I say Yale graduate in the making:)

Here’s a repost from my girl Thembisa Mshaka celebrating b.i.’s arrival.

Black Love On Top Pt. II: And Blue Ivy Makes Three

Posted on

Congratulations to the Carters! BeyonJay are the proud parents of a healthy, happy baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, born Saturday January 7th, 2012 at Lenox Hill Hospital under heavy security, complete with a secret getaway to evade the papps!

I like their steez on this one. Sure, they are both public figures, but this is a very private moment for their family and it is also their to keep private where possible. The two were very generous to reveal the name so soon, and to disclose how Beyoncé delivered her daughter in a joint statement. Honestly, how a woman delivers her child is as personal as it gets. Her birth story is really none of our business.

And who can blame them for choosing to shut us out? The moment the world knew King B was expecting, the hate began on eveything from the baby’s name and likeness to whether there was even a pregnancy at all. New lows for the Internets; thankfully the well wishes are drowning all that out.

Papa Hov released a dedication to the baby entitled “Glory” and it’s sweet and raw as fresh cut sugarcane. Call it our generation’s “Isn’t She Lovely”. I’m willing to bet he’ll still call her Brooklyn Carter…

Click the link to the song.

Here’s to Blue Ivy’s greatness.

i heard on the wendy williams show that beyonce got a hot gift from her husband. the rumor is he bought her a $20 million private island to get away and relax.  i’m not sure if the report is true but i can relate to my Virgo-mate’s need for quiet and peace.

i was really excited when my boyfriend announced he was taking me on a surprise trip for my birthday this past weekend.  we landed by the water in a quiet dreamlike space.   i’ve never seen a more picturesque place; it was breath-taking. even greater was it allowed me to slow down and have peace.  peace turned to joy which lead me to spill over with bursts of energy. i may have been a year older; but my spirit started to feel like a kid again.  i was excited about everything.  with a curiosity like a five year old, i questioned the why’s of little things in life that we often look over in our ‘mature’ years.   it was just what i needed and i appreciate him for making it happen.

that’s why i didn’t for a minute gawk over the fact that Jay-Z spent so much money to find just the right gift for his boo.   as a woman who has achieved so much material and career success; one would think she has everything a person could ask for.  but one thing is for sure…no (wo)man escapes the stresses and dramas of life.  she needs a little down time like the rest of us. her circumstance of fame doesn’t allow her to get to a park or hike through the mountains. some serious dough had to be dished out to get her what we can have every day for little or no cost.  

i’m grateful that i have the freedom to take a break and breathe on the beach without interruption.  and i’m promising myself to honor that gratitude by taking more time to smell those free roses as often as i can…

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