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TruthInReality tool kit cover

There has been a lot of discussion about the negative portrayals in the media of women and girls, especially of African Americans.  In particular, reality TV is known for glorifying fighting, bullying and bad behavior.

Janisaw Company was happy to join forces to create a media advocacy tool kit with Truth in Reality, an organization dedicated to challenging the harmful values these shows promote and change the standards of broadcast practices for the reality TV genre.  

The free tool kit is designed for concerned individuals and community leaders to take their outrage and put it into positive action. It was recently launched at the NAACP Image awards.
Click here to visit the website to download the free tool kit.

i’m sure by now you’ve heard about the twitter prank that used justin bieber’s name to encourage young people to ‘cut’ themselves. the tweet and hashtag went throughout cyberspace with photos of teens with cut arms.

quite frankly this is a form of bullying. to make fun of an issue that so many teens struggle with is heartless.  self-injury is one of the fastest growing risk behaviors for teens, especially girls.  studies have shown that as many as 1 in 12 teens harm themselves through cutting.

teens often cut when they feel like no one else understands them and they don’t know how else to express their hurt, sadness or anger.  that posting served to make teens who self-injure feel worse about themselves.  it only led to more violence and harm.

lots of folks have blasted the originators of the post.  i agree we can’t allow bullies like the authors of that post get away with it.  it’s zero tolerance time for that behavior.

let’s take back our cyber communities.   i’m calling for the authors of that post to not only be protested but prosecuted. violence is violence and there is no room for it online…


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i was out with a friend yesterday and she was stressed out about getting shopping done in time for Christmas.

that feeling is a distant memory for me because my family decided years ago to skip giving gifts for the holidays.

this time of year is exciting for many people because it’s a sanctioned excuse to go shopping.   and who doesn’t love buying new things…

but some people LOVE shopping to a fault.  some people can’t stop shopping even if it’s causing them to lose their credit, homes and friendships.  shopping addiction is one of those things that is really hard to catch.  it doesn’t look that harmless but for some it’s the symptom of pain.

take marceia, a young new yorker who was featured on Oxygen’s new show My Shopping Addiction (airs Mondays 11pm est).  marceia shops so much she is on the verge of getting evicted.  shout out to my friend and colleague psychologist ramani durvasula who is on the show and digs deeper to find out marceia was bullied as a teen.  the constant teasing she received as a girl got so bad, marceia decided to create a whole new persona as the ‘it’ girl. she got all new clothes and the bullying stopped. she has been shopping non-stop since.

thanks to dr.  ramani, marceia was able to realize that beauty is skin deep.  

watch a sneak peak of marceia finally recognizing her true self-worth.

marceia represents so many girls and young women out there, who feel that they are only worth the clothes on their back and the make up on their faces.  looking nice is good but it never replaces feeling that you are special just because of the person you are.   below is one of my favorite quotes. every time i get the urge to make a rash purchase, i repeat it and my shopping itch goes away.

greatest possession quote 12-12

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