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yeah i said it…you (and i) are the problem but also the solution.

things are looking real off base these days. bad news, violence, hatred and drama in the media and out on your block. we get mad, blame and lose hope.

but what i believe is these events are trying tell us something.  it’s going to keep happening if we don’t stop talking and begin to act.  make change happen by being the change.   just like times in your own personal life you may have something ‘bad’ happen only to realize down the line that the ‘negative’ was actually a blessing.  the lost job led you to start a business of your own, the break up helped you open your eyes to the person of your dreams, getting kicked off a team helped you find an even more exciting hobby. the silver lining; the ultimate buddy of optimism is always there for the taking.  but taking is required.

if we want to see the glass half full we’ve got to pick it up. things can get better but it’s up to you (and i). so what are you (we) gonna do?

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last week i was giddy at the idea of getting to meet famed teen book author Sharon Flake.  she is an amazing writer whose books including The Skin I’m In have changed the lives of many.


just the thought of getting 1 on 1 time with her had me spinnin’ and scared. what could i possibly have to say to someone so GREAT?   she picked me up for breakfast and i was immediately thrown aback.  she happened to bring up that while growing up,  the way she looked at things were so different she wasn’t made to feel like she could be a writer.  she talked about how she worked in ways that were not the same as others.  ways that were challenging but they were her ways and she honored that. there was no judgement, no regrets, no trying to change…total understanding and self love. i told you she was GREAT!

the very next day i was in a training and we had to take a personality test.   after the test, the trainer went over all the points about ‘my ways’.  i started to feel an ugly shame coming up when she pointed out how much i like to plan and make lists…why couldn’t i just go with the flow?  i cringed when she mentioned my tendency to ask lots of questions. why wouldn’t i just be chill & stop being in the mix?


i thought back to my convo with Sharon and now i see.  the best strategy is to know your self; your way of being so you understand how to make your journey through life.  NOT to feel forced to change every little part of who you are (unless you are hurting others). i’ve got my querks and i’m getting to know them well. no changing here…

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