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in my research with young men, every single man that we surveyed who is sexually active mentioned that they are having sex with more than one person. they had a main girl (or several mains) and then shorties.  most of them did not use condoms with their girlfriend/main partner. they all said they would never dare tell their girlfriends about their other partners…and we wonder why there is still HIV?  

each year we take time out to acknowledge those who have been affected and impacted by HIV/AIDS.  i’ve been working in the world of HIV prevention for 15 years.   i’ve met the most courageous men and women who have lived with the virus. they are super strong and keep me going in what is more than becoming an uphill battle.   


you see many people think that HIV/AIDS is no longer an issue.  they are SO WRONG.

they haven’t heard the countless stories i’ve been told by HIV testing counselors of having to disclose a diagnosis to person after person. HIV is still very prevalent, especially among teens/young adults.

SO what’s the deal ladies? why are you still allowing yourself to be played?   you don’t know who he has been with and you certainly don’t know his status.  so why would you say yes.    if he’s not down with it, he really doesn’t love you.  you are so much more.  

He is NOT worth it….

Say No to sex 


Use a condom 


Get Tested for HIV and other STDs

For more info about HIV and how to get tested visit

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Ashton and Demi were like Barbie and Ken for many girls and young women.  We loved the fantasy of the young and hot guy with the sexy gal, who have amazing careers, never ending wealth, and seem happy and tan at all times.  We loved the story of the blended family; sharing Thanksgiving dinner with Bruce Willis and baseball games as a united team.    The bubble burst last week when it leaked out that he was cheating on her.  No way….


 It cut like a knife on a wound that hadn’t quite healed since the whole Sandra Bullock and Jesse James fiasco.  It seems like everyone’s love is going in flames.  I had flash backs about my ex, I will refer to as ‘slick rick’, whom I caught red handed wrapping lips with his side swing.  My best friend who was on the prowl with me took me by the hand and whisked me away before I could do damage to whatever part of him or his car I could get my hands on.  I never imagined that my ‘prince’ could do such a thing, to betray me and flat out lie that he was committing to our relationship. 

Fast forward 10 years later and now I’m at the point where I feel like it’s time to get REAL.  Some people do cheat…Wishing for a ‘life ever after’ without facing that fact could place a girl in a dark funk when unfaithful situations transpire.  Go into a relationship with all eyes open.  Pay attention to what your sweetie is doing and less about what they may be saying.  Have they cheated in the past?  Have you caught them in lies?  Do they feel comfortable hiding things from other people?  Are their friends creepin’ around?   If you sense something’s off, pay attention and address it immediately.   Decide what’s best for you and move on.   That’s what Sandra and I did and maybe Demi will do the same too.  If you take the lesson learned, broken hearts can make a girl stronger which is what you’ll need to maintain a real love that lasts…  

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