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TEDXTeen starts out with a bang

imagesthe amazingly smart and poised Chelsea Clinton host of this year’s event gives us some quick tips for achieving one’s dreams no matter what.

her three tips

1- Start where you are- think about yourself and what you like to do.  Focus on what you are passionate about.  When you do the things that can make a difference in the world, you can soar.

2- Have the courage to be second (i love that advice).   Don’t worry so much about being first. Think about the things that society really needs. Think about how you can make what is already in our world better!

3- Because you can you should-  if you have an idea, if you have skills, if you have a passion; go for it!  you never know where things may end up and you could be the difference the world needs.

Chelsea you couldn’t have said it better.  Just because you are a teen, doesn’t mean you don’t have much to give the world NOW!

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