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i was recently interviewed for teen girl, #Sesi magazine.  the article about dealing with rejection touches issues most girls/young women deal with.  like handling dating woes, feeling left out of a group, being turned down from a dream opp…

check out the article below and let me know what you think…

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#Netflix aired the movie #NappilyEverAfter this weekend.  the movie stars sanaa lathan, whom i (and everybody else) love!!

it’s a story about a woman who seems perfect on the outside but isn’t happy with herself. the movie goes a layer deeper and explores the conflict that many women of all races, but particularly black women have with our hair. doesn’t sound deep you may say.  isn’t hair just grown out protein jutting out of one’s scalp?

no my dear, hair is so much more than that.  it is a crown of sorts and how we feel about it can make or break us.  that’s why i found the big chop scene in the movie the most powerful.  it reminded me of my journey when in my early 20s, i cut all my hair.  it was not a decision i made lightly but when i did i LET IT GO.

scan2_2_2like sanaa’s character, it wasn’t until i was left with my bald and bare self that i realized what i had done.  uh oh…now i had to find a new way of being in the world. not hiding behind my hair. not fretting over what it did or did not look like. not spending hours or dollars primping and pulling.  i was left with me and therefore needing to look at me, flaws and all.

that’s when the real journey began and it’s been glorious. i’ve since my grown my hair back, relaxed it, transitioned back to natural and many iterations in between.  but that first journey will never be forgotten because it was the beginning of a new me.

that’s why i urge all women contemplating cutting their hair to go for it.  it liberates in ways that will have a profound impact in how you see the world and how the world sees not only you but all of us.  if you’ve done the big chop; give some thought about what it did for you and share your experience with others.

Let’s start a #BigChop movement. it’s so much bigger than hair…


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many of you have goals for the new year.   making it through the challenges those goals will bring is gonna take guts.  

how do you build confidence muscles?

check out my student health 101 january column for tips on what to do when you’re feeling insecure:



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this was likely the first election for many of you. please know it’s not always like this. no matter what side you were on; this past year has been tough. all the division and shouting has taken a toll. take a deep breath, light candles or go for a walk and make sure to find a comforting shoulder to lean on. allow yourself the time to heal.

you may be concerned how we will come together and move towards something positive for the country. the answer lies in YOU.

it’s up to us  (me & YOU) to keep striving for good in ourselves, our families and community. it won’t be easy. there will be bumps in the road. but the only answer is to never give up. presidents come and go. they make a difference in the type of life we lead BUT they are not the final answer.

if you were looking for a historic moment and are saddened to see it didn’t happen. don’t lose hope. a woman president for the USA is destined to be and it may be YOU.

women are the backbone of society; nothing can stop us. so girls let’s get to moving.

as Beyonce showed the world earlier this year during superbowl.

march on to greatness and march on strong.

formation time!


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