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at sassysagesays we often highlight girls/young women who are doing amazing things. this time we are honoring my favorite celebrity of all time, mother teresa of calcutta, peacemaker and advocate for the poor.

you know that question they sometimes use on college essay applications about who alive or dead you would have dinner with?  my answer is always mother teresa. i can barely contain myself i’m soo excited that she is going to become a saint!  

the reasons that she more than deserves this honor are countless.  but what i want to highlight is how she chose to follow her heart in dedicating her career to what she was passionate about.   the chances were slim that she would make a difference in the lives of the poor she reached out to. she had no money and at the time very little support for her work. but she kept going. little by little the word spread of this tiny lady who was helping children.  it took years but her strength and determination turned into world wide admiration and followers of her commitment to serve.

as we celebrate labor day, consider if you are walking your path of passion. regardless of your religious affiliation you can look to mother (saint) teresa as a role model to never let your current circumstance determine your goals. take a small step towards your dreams; sainthood could be in your destiny.  


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imagescan you believe that just yesterday i posted a blog about maria toorpakai wazir because i saw her story on tv and it brought me to tears.  imagine how amazed i was to learn that she’s speaking live at TEDXTeen.  i’m STARSTRUCK!!!

check out my blog about her and learn more about this determined and courageous woman.

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