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imagestyra banks is back and the re-up is good.   the show which is on vh1 has the most diverse set of models in terms of race, size and age. one of the models has alopecia, which is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system attacks hair follicles. her strength and courage to face her hair loss is inspiring.  then there’s the 40plus year old mom who is rocking it like the gorgeous diva she is.  by showing us the many ways in which women are beautiful, ANTM feels better and fresher than ever.


imgresi’m also loving a new show on lifetime, making a model with yolanda hadid.  at first i felt this was just another thoughtless reality show.  yolanda (a former super model) helps aspiring teen girl models understand the industry. the twist is their moms are on the show with them.  i know what you are thinking.  sounds like drama! and drama there is…BUT what i like is that it showcases how the moms support of their daughters is key to the girls doing well.  if the moms talk to the girls in a positive way the girls do good. when they communicate with one another with love and support the shoots go better.   when the moms allow the girls to show their true selves, they radiate more in their photos.  it’s so telling how much the relationships between the moms and girls make all the difference in their success. it’s like that saying, ‘you are only as good, as the company you keep.’  

even though both shows may seem like clones of the same thing, they are different and really good.  definitely worth checking out.


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Tania Luna, CEO of Surprise Industries, opens her talk about a challenge she gave a group of students from a high school to capture the elements of surprise.

the videos from the students were hilarious!!  i’m cracking up as she shows the freeze effects that happen when we are surprised. the duh face:) which she explains is the expression of having ones eyes wide open during surprise.

she loves surprise because it indicates what we don’t know.   understanding how we deal with things we don’t know (surprises) is the key to success.

so ladies, change your views! let the surprise in and think differently from our own perspectives.  


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