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it’s earth day. which is something everyone can celebrate about.

for earth day, i’m celebrating roz savage,  whom i met this past weekend.

roz savage  4-13

roz is one of the most incredible human beings on the planet.

roz became so dedicated to bringing attention to the importance of saving the earth that she went on a mission to row across it!  

roz holds a world record as the only woman to row by herself across three oceans!!  

you must watch this video of her mission.   

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today is Earth Day! every human being should celebrate because it’s our home.  

when i was a college student i signed up to be hallway green captain.  i had no idea what environmentalism was; i just liked the name.  as i started to encourage my roomies to recycle, being aware of what we put in the earth began to made sense to me. the next year i put together an event for my Sorority on campus. it was a guest speaker who introduced us to environmental injustice. i couldn’t believe there are communities that get dumped on (literally).  toxic waste sites, pollution filled factories, contaminated soils near homes, schools and playgrounds!  that was the aha moment for me (i watch too much Oprah).  

my journey refocused to care not just about my life but everyone’s.  i’m not hard core with it. i don’t go around picketing places, i just make small steps to use less energy, eat organic and local food, buy from companies that have more green policies and of course i continue to recycle…

this Earth Day think about what you can do…this video that will hopefully inspire ur steps

Earth Day Video

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