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this holiday season lots of people are shopping around looking for the perfect gift for loved ones.   we believe in the gift of time and sharing love.  but we’re also really diggin’ the sheros line of barbie dolls.  

this line of a dolls was created to inspire girls to look up to women who are breaking boundaries.  the line includes greats like director ava duvernay, plus-sized model ashley graham and the soon to be released doll of ibtihaj muhammad, first female US olympian to wear a hijab.  super cool stocking stuffers…



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Everyone knows if you can make it in the Big Apple you can make it anywhere. No greater a challenge is conquering NYC real estate. Bring in Bettina Nelson, licensed real estate broker for the famous Corcoran Group, and you are sure to find a winner. 


Bettina has been helping individuals locate the home of their dreams for over a decade.  Self described as ‘the total New Yorker’, she is a social butterfly able to calm first time home buyers while also keeping the won’t stop attitude that one needs to get through the process.  How does she stay on top?

1-Knowing all the hot spots in the city

 “All of New York is my neighborhood and exploring each area’s architecture, vibe, restaurants and shopping is what I love,” Bettina says.

2- Keeping a passion for real estate

For Bettina “real estate is not just a job, it’s a joy, which I share with my husband, George and my dog, Malcolm (who has his own Facebook page and gmail account and loves going to the office!)”

3-Having a generous spirit

“Giving back is so important. Malcolm (our  dog), with my husband and I, volunteers every week in the pediatric psychiatric unit of a hospital.”  She states they get so much in return when “seeing the joy on the children’s faces.”

Bettina went to an all girls school and knows the importance of girls believing in themselves. When asked for advice to teen girls\young women she states, “perseverance is important in life, but it’s also important that you keep at it in a way that is kind and respectful of others feelings.”

Bettina Nelson has climbed to the top in her career but she also keeps family close at heart.  She is a very proud mother and is excited about her son’s upcoming wedding on New Year’s Eve.

To learn more about Bettina check out her website at:\ban

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