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right now I’m typing in my living room taking in the delicious vibes of an ‘herb garden’ downloadcandle which smells like a cross between lavender and orange spice.  this is not just any candle; it’s made with lots of thought and love by Rose Powell founder of Rose and Co. Candlemakers.  Rose is just 11 years old but has a passion for creating aromas that speak to the heart like an old soul.   her candles not only smell good but they are good for the environment (made with natural soy and an eco wick) and society too (proceeds supports girls education through Michelle Obama’s let girls learn initiative).  for going for your dreams at such an early age, we salute Rose Powell as the queen entrepreneur she is.


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There is still time to sign up for the workshop I will be co-hosting today:

Connect With Your True Passion
hosted by health and wellness experts Betsy Karp and Dr. Scyatta Wallace
Thursday July 14th 7-9pm
215 West 75th Street #3F NY, NY
Cost $20
For information contact (347) 470-6605
Betsy Karp was a successful fashion designer who decided to follow her passion to help women become more healthy and happy in their lives.  Today Betsy helps her clients identify foods, exercise and clothing that brings more energy to their lives. 
We are partnering for this event because we both realize what a difference we feel in our hearts, minds and bodies now that we are pursuing our true passions. We want to bring what we have learned to women who are looking to take their lives in a better direction. 
So many women won’t think twice about spending money to buy a dress but hesitate to buy something that will benefit themselves.   Take the time to enrich your life and consider attending what is sure to be a fun and engaging discussion.  
For more information, please email me at

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