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Today is National HIV testing day and several communities are having events and special programs to get people tested.   I encourage anyone who is sexually active or has used needles that may not be clean to get tested.  But the thing I’ve heard the most when I speak to girls is they have already been tested, so ‘they’re good’.  NOT SO. 

The HIV test is not a vaccine.  You don’t take it and it cures you from ever getting the virus.   It’s important to know your HIV status not just for once upon a time but to know what your situation is now.  So go ahead and test today but mark your calendar for the next day you plan to get checked again.  

If you have never had an HIV test, it’s easy to find a place near you  The test is simple and there are home tests you can get at your local pharmacy.  

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2013 is flying by as a reminder to get things in gear and kick it up a notch

so that’s what we are doing at sassysagesays

we are starting a series of monthly video blogs on sassysagesays tv

our first vlog, ‘New Year, New You!’ is all about fitness

check it out

what other topics do you want to hear about on sassysagesays tv?

leave a comment and let me know what you think…

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everyone is making resolutions for the new year.  some are just rehashing the same ones from years past.  
many of those commitments involve losing weight.  it’s a challenge for many, including myself.
that’s why this year, i am not doing a resolution but making a life change towards fitness and health!
i’m so glad that my friend and colleague, Dr. Ramani Durvasula, has launched her new book, “You Are WHY You Eat.”
dr ramani book 1-4-13
As she told me, the book “isn’t about food, it is about your life.  this isn’t just about pounds, but about the weight you carry around.  this is about pushing through the fear and the stakeholders and taking back your life – one pound and one day at a time.”
Dr. Ramani has been featured as a Psychologist on Bravo’s Thintervention, Oxygen’s My Shopping Addiction and is regularly on CNN, The Today Show, HLN among many others.
To learn more about Dr. Ramani visit her website

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