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at sassysagesays we often highlight girls/women who are doing amazing things.

i’ve always been super fascinated by space.  a dream of mine is to take a trip there one day. and when it comes to my food, i am serious!

so i have been extra inspired by maya cooper who is the master chef for astronauts going to outerspace. i guess it makes sense that they need to eat too but who knew you could create a career out of that!

maya cooper photomaya cooper is creating a menu for  NASA’s planned mission to Mars in 2030 as the senior research scientist in the food systems laboratory at lockheed martin.  she’s designing meals to feed 8 astronaunts that will keep them healthy and strong enough to stand the six month long journey to get to Mars!!! plus the meals have to last for the additional 18 months that they will living be on Mars (that’s a year and a half). as if that wasn’t enough, they have the 6 month ride to get back to Earth.

because everything has to be made ahead of time and packaged up, she’ll be cooking three year’s worth of food for everyone. oh i wish i could taste a little of what she comes up with…

maya cooper got her college degree in chemical engineering, plus her masters in food processing and engineering.  we look up to maya cooper for ‘cooking’ up one of the most interesting jobs we have ever heard of.

Click here to read more about maya cooper and her Mars mission





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