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i’ve always been a girl and i’ve always been black. so at times it’s hard for me to realize that either one of the those things are not the same for others.   i started to learn pretty early on that people treated me differently because of my skin color but it took until i was in college to see that i might have a different life for being female.

fast forward a few years and we have girls empowerment programs around the world and all this talk about women leaning in and out.

heinz report 6-13but what i realized is that there is little out there about what this might mean for a black girl, like me.  so i worked with a really cool organization called truechild and we started writing a report.

the report focuses on how gender and race impact the health of black girls.  it was supported by Heinz Endowments.  check it out at the below link:

i wanna hear from you. does being a girl impact your health?  does what we wrote ring a bell?

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