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i really liked this past episode of blackish. the musical theme was a bit of a dud but their point i get.  why are we celebrating some of these holidays?

i used to hate history class.  all those dates to memorize! anytime i had a question about what the rest of the world was doing (e.g. chinese dynasties, african history) i was silenced.  when i asked why do we say columbus ‘discovered’ a land that was already fully populated; teacher said not to question. but question i did and i still want to.

what do these holidays actually mean? i’m not saying don’t break out the b-b-que come july 4th or hunt for eggs over easter.  but let’s at least get a clue as to what it’s all about and decide if it’s something you want to do for yourself. i for one gave up columbus day a long time ago and am considering adding juneteenth (thanks to the johnson’s)…

halloween!! how on earth did that get started?  hit me up and let me know what you find…

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Our S-HERO is 101 year old Dr. Olivia J Hooker. She is a light that has touched many with her accomplishments and the work she has done as a child Psychologist. More inspiring is her life story, she is living history.  That’s why we are so excited that her story has been made into a children’s book. We thank author Shameen Anthanio-Williams for this wonderful work! 


Tulsa Girl
After witnessing the events of the historic Tulsa Massacre of 1921, Olivia’s love for school was quickly buried in the ashes of her destroyed town and what remained in her heart was fear. Will Olivia overcome her fear and return to school? This story is written to inspire children to rise above their circumstances no matter how difficult…to shine on regardless. Presales available.  To purchase a copy visit

this is such a historic moment in world history.  the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington!  i feel blessed to be part of the generation who benefited from the ‘Dream.’

here’s a repost of a piece written on sassysagesays in 2011.


Crowing M. L. King: Prophet for the People

WNYC held the thought provoking event ‘Made in America:  King’s dream in today’s economy’ at Brooklyn Museum.  The panelists challenged the audience to really remember what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about. He didn’t just have a dream.  He fought injustice, valued equality and stood up for economic empowerment.  He was a revolutionary; a prophet who called out power structures as well as the everyday person to do better for the poor and disenfranchised.

I was particularly touched by female panelist, Christine Yvette Lewis.  She recently led the Domestic Workers United, which is mostly populated by women, to a victory in finally landing a bill of rights.  Ms. Lewis called domestic workers the invisible and isolated work force. They take care of so many but few take a moment to think about taking care of them.  Their struggle is precisely what MLK was fighting for 50 years ago.

So as we celebrate the life of MLK, I ask each one of us to question not only how we are keeping the dream alive but how are we ensuring the values of Dr. King, such as justice and peace, are embedded in our Society.


i’m taking the day to reflect and be inspired to do my part in the continued fight for human rights and social justice.   what will this day mean for you?

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