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today is world aids day.   it’s been decades and there still is no cure.  millions of people are infected with HIV/AIDS and counting.  there have been some amazing advancements but this very preventable disease has not been stopped.  so what can you do?

1- get tested; a primary reason people are still becoming infected is because they are getting the virus from someone who does not know their hiv status.  to learn where to get tested visit

2- make sure to talk to your loved ones about HIV/AIDS.  learn more about how someone can become infected and what the treatment options are.  if you know someone who has HIV, support them in their journey.

3- donate your time and efforts to the fight.  there are so many great organizations  who can use your energy and/or money.  organizations like the Young Women of Color Health Advocacy Coalition.  or it could be as simple as downloading music on your iphone.  apple is partnering with the (RED) campaign, so you can donate to HIV and AIDS treatment and prevention with Apple Pay transactions, iOS game purchases, and red accessories starting today.


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Today is National HIV testing day and several communities are having events and special programs to get people tested.   I encourage anyone who is sexually active or has used needles that may not be clean to get tested.  But the thing I’ve heard the most when I speak to girls is they have already been tested, so ‘they’re good’.  NOT SO. 

The HIV test is not a vaccine.  You don’t take it and it cures you from ever getting the virus.   It’s important to know your HIV status not just for once upon a time but to know what your situation is now.  So go ahead and test today but mark your calendar for the next day you plan to get checked again.  

If you have never had an HIV test, it’s easy to find a place near you  The test is simple and there are home tests you can get at your local pharmacy.  

some of you know i have been an advocate in the fight against hiv for over a decade.   my research and community work has focused on building awareness and preventing hiv among teens.  so imagine my shock and awe in hearing about a case where the hiv virus was the cure.  this is a must watch video…

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today, June 27th, is National HIV Testing Day.  the theme this year is

take charge, take the test.

i get asked all the time, ‘is HIV still an issue?’ and the answer is YES;

especially for young women of color.  

you can’t just sit around thinking you’re okay if you don’t know for sure what your status is.

if you took an HIV test a year ago but you have had unprotected sex, you don’t know for sure what has happened since you last took the test.

hiv testing 6-13

to find out where to get tested plug in a zip code here

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Consider applying to be  a part of the BET and APA youth advisory board (see below for information)

BETRap It up 10-17-11

BET Rap It Up Campaign  and American Psychological Association are working together to create a new HIV prevention campaign for youth.  We are looking for committed high school youth across the country to apply to be selected for the APA BET youth advisory board.

Applications for the APA BET youth advisory board are online at:

The deadline has been extended to Friday June 21st.

For more information contact

Cherie D. Mitchell, MHS


Office on AIDS

Public Interest Directorate

American Psychological Association

750 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242<>

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