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i happened to catch the end of jimmy fallon one night. my eyes were glued to the tv because i couldn’t believe what i saw.   a double dutch crew!!  taking me back to days of my youth. i was terrible at it but as bad as i was i always felt so happy jumping rope.  

the amazing team of girls i saw that night are part of the HONEY bee’s, which stands for Helping Other’s Now, Empowering Yourself. the non-profit group was started just two years ago by jersey city natives Takeria Clark and Kimberly Price.  the group provides a fun space for girls to learn teamwork, confidence and creativity, plus some serious athletic skills.  

the girls in the group span ages 4-16 and are so good that even though they just started 2 years ago, they have already claimed the title as world champions in the international double dutch competition.  now that’s something to jump up and down about!!

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cartoons and animation are not just about silly jokes. it can be true ART with a lot to say. that’s why we love Zen Pencils and the inspiration these querky drawings bring us…this is one of our fav Zen Pencil quotes


we are so excited to learn that Zen Pencils is encouraging youth animators to follow where their doodling takes them by offering a free youth activity guide. 

***tips by the creator of Zen Pencils include:

Use color against black and white to highlight joy or positivity.

Lines and repeated images are used to show motion.

For example, draw lines around or behind a character/object to show movement. 


Find a quote that you feel applies to your own life and create a comic that tells a story of your fav quote. It could be a story from your life or a story that you make up. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of drawing experience…

For more great ideas to spark your comic dreams, you can download the Zen Pencils activity guide for free here

***referenced from Zen Pencils Teachers Guide

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at sassysagesays we often highlight girls/women who are doing amazing things.

this time we are honoring zora ball.  who in the first grade became the youngest person to develop an app.

yes, you heard right. she was just seven years old.  zora had an awesome idea for a mobile game app and put her idea to work.  

what are you thinking about that could happen if you worked on it?

it’s earth day. which is something everyone can celebrate about.

for earth day, i’m celebrating roz savage,  whom i met this past weekend.

roz savage  4-13

roz is one of the most incredible human beings on the planet.

roz became so dedicated to bringing attention to the importance of saving the earth that she went on a mission to row across it!  

roz holds a world record as the only woman to row by herself across three oceans!!  

you must watch this video of her mission.   

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i’m leaving the TEDXTeen event totally on fire

it’s incredible how these young visionaries are making such a mark on the world at an early age

to those out there just plugging along with life, let their stories push you out of your comfort zone

don’t let age or circumstance stop you from pursuing SOMETHING that makes the world better


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happy 2013 1-2-13

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my blog is normally dedicated to issues for girls and young women.  but this week i want to use it in service to those impacted by the Sandy Hook tragedy.

today is my last post on this issue.  where do we go from here?

this past week much of America and the world has been in shock over the terrible shootings that occurred at Sandy Hook elementary school.  those of us in the northeast have been especially torn apart. many of us have friends and family who live in newtown or attended the school.  we are tormented by the idea of trying to rise above what happened and it feels unthinkable to enjoy the holidays.

let us not forget that many of us in the northeast were also torn apart by super storm sandy.   storm sandy destroyed many homes, businesses and natural treasures in our neighborhoods.  we are still digging ourselves out of the mess that she left behind.  homes in new jersey, new york and perhaps even those in newtown still show the signs of how hard sandy hit our shores.

the two sandy’s were unexpected, unimaginable  and are still haunting our memories.   we are doing our best to figure out how we will go on…

and still we must.  come together, lean on each other and find uplifting messages to keep us going.  

that’s what happened to me last week when i was on vacation.  in a beautiful island with amazing beaches and crystal clear water there was a couple that seemed to be magically in love. they had a smile on their faces each day, a glistening in their eyes, lots of laughter and taking full advantage of all sights and fun.  i couldn’t help but ask if they were celebrating an anniversary or on their honeymoon. their response has stayed with me, especially given all that has happened this past week.

you see this couple decided to leave new york for a while after their home was destroyed by super storm sandy. they had almost nothing left of the place they lived with so many memories.  instead of staying in a state of misery, they decided to celebrate what they had.  they packed their bags and took a trip to find inspiration and renewal.   there weren’t trying to escape their problems. in fact they told me that each day they were on the phone with fema and contractors trying to get stuff done.  but in between the phone calls and waiting they decided to make the most of life, find peace and joy.

sandy holiday 12-12

this holiday season both sandy’s have left many people feeling sad, angry and pessimistic about life and our world.  let my vacationing couple be a guide to us all. don’t let the darkness draw you in.  find something that you can hold onto that will give you happiness while you try to get through the challenge.   we all can’t get away on a fancy trip but all it takes is a small step. yesterday while everyone was responding in disbelief to the NRA press conference.  i baked cookies while listening to holiday music.  it was such a joy.  find that small (or BIG) something that will inspire you to happiness.

we must refuse to let those sandy girls win.


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