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spring is here and it’s time to renew.  the first step is to get yourself in order.  

order as in putting yourself first.  

here are my tips for teen girls on self care in this spring’s issue of sesi magazine.

wallace sesi march 2018 2


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this holiday season lots of people are shopping around looking for the perfect gift for loved ones.   we believe in the gift of time and sharing love.  but we’re also really diggin’ the sheros line of barbie dolls.  

this line of a dolls was created to inspire girls to look up to women who are breaking boundaries.  the line includes greats like director ava duvernay, plus-sized model ashley graham and the soon to be released doll of ibtihaj muhammad, first female US olympian to wear a hijab.  super cool stocking stuffers…



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i happened to catch the end of jimmy fallon one night. my eyes were glued to the tv because i couldn’t believe what i saw.   a double dutch crew!!  taking me back to days of my youth. i was terrible at it but as bad as i was i always felt so happy jumping rope.  

the amazing team of girls i saw that night are part of the HONEY bee’s, which stands for Helping Other’s Now, Empowering Yourself. the non-profit group was started just two years ago by jersey city natives Takeria Clark and Kimberly Price.  the group provides a fun space for girls to learn teamwork, confidence and creativity, plus some serious athletic skills.  

the girls in the group span ages 4-16 and are so good that even though they just started 2 years ago, they have already claimed the title as world champions in the international double dutch competition.  now that’s something to jump up and down about!!

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cartoons and animation are not just about silly jokes. it can be true ART with a lot to say. that’s why we love Zen Pencils and the inspiration these querky drawings bring us…this is one of our fav Zen Pencil quotes


we are so excited to learn that Zen Pencils is encouraging youth animators to follow where their doodling takes them by offering a free youth activity guide. 

***tips by the creator of Zen Pencils include:

Use color against black and white to highlight joy or positivity.

Lines and repeated images are used to show motion.

For example, draw lines around or behind a character/object to show movement. 


Find a quote that you feel applies to your own life and create a comic that tells a story of your fav quote. It could be a story from your life or a story that you make up. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of drawing experience…

For more great ideas to spark your comic dreams, you can download the Zen Pencils activity guide for free here

***referenced from Zen Pencils Teachers Guide

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at sassysagesays we often highlight girls/women who are doing amazing things.

this time we are honoring zora ball.  who in the first grade became the youngest person to develop an app.

yes, you heard right. she was just seven years old.  zora had an awesome idea for a mobile game app and put her idea to work.  

what are you thinking about that could happen if you worked on it?

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