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some birthdays i’ve cried the whole day…felt like nothing was going right in my life. other times i just wanted to be alone; needed the quiet time to reflect on how much i’d overcome.   of course there were years of elation and glee too. but through it all; i’m still here.

even though it’s clear usa is going through growing pains, we will come out the other side better and stronger. this july 4th, regardless of how you feel things are going with the country; celebrate anyway.  faith in the celebration will allow us to pull through.




it’s independence day; usa’s birthday.

i’m giving today another purpose.  

july 4th for me is gonna be about celebrating freedom!!

     -feeling comfortable speaking my mind

     -making time to do without unwanted distractions

     -not worrying about how i look or sound

     -doing exactly what i want with my time

     -cooking up new things to explore

     -lots & lots of big chuckling laughter

got any other ideas for me?

what else can i do to celebrate freedom?

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today many people are coming back from vacations in the sun and family picnics on the shore. having had grand celebrations and fireworks to honor our Nation’s Birth.   but does that independence apply to you?  well of course not sage! my mom’s got total control over my time and life…okay if you’re under age; there are rules that you have to obey.

but even tweens and teens need some independence in their lives.   sadly most adults don’t truly have it either.  webster’s dictionary says Independence means: 1- free from the influence or control of others; 2- self- reliant, 3- one who is independent in thinking and action.

before you run for the grill or first dips to make smores…take a moment to ponder how you can get more freedom in your life…

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