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i’m not feeling all this talk about oprah running for president.   it’s not clear she’s stuck on this idea but let’s go with the media circus and assume she is. as i took this morning to reflect on the life and legacy of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, i felt sure that she shouldn’t.

please don’t get me wrong; i love oprah.  she is greatness personified.  and perhaps at another time when our society is in a different place it would work. but not now.

one of things that made MLK so great was that he was and still is the moral voice to our country’s soul.  he pushed us to think about where we stood not only by what we said but our actions.   his speeches called us to do more than say (or tweet) we want peace. we have to BE peaceful too.   he showed us through his marches how to BE a loving ‘fighter’ for justice.  

if MLK was president i’m not sure it would have had the same impact.   his calling was as an outside agitator.  his calling was to wake up our internal voices, so our external voice would speak up for the good of humankind.  which brings me back to oprah.

she has lead our country and the world by calling us to look deep within and discover our purpose.  to ‘live our best lives’. that role to me is much more important than president.  her voice and other voices of conscious like MLK, awaken us to become ‘presidents’ of our own lives.  they implore us to evolve into better people and with better people, we have better families, better communities; a country and world that is better.  

we don’t need oprah as president, we’ve got ourselves.  as the great MLK stated…


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that famous “i have a dream” quote has been heard around the world by millions.  but how many of us have truly thought deeply about the meaning. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was speaking of course about racial tolerance.  but his words meant more…

it was a call for us to consider a person’s actions, the way they treat others, their words and ultimately their heart.   it’s not enough to look at the superficial aspects of others like how much money they have, their titles, the clothes they wear or how many social media followers they have.  look further and discover what people are about.  get to know and truly see them.   pay attention to their actions and then you can make a judgement of who they really are.  

on this mlk day when the country is so divided, i hope we can take a moment to heed his words.  we need to refocus our priorities when deciding who to look up to and who to dismiss.   

let’s place our highest value on character; the true mark of a person.


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i saw selma last week. it has taken me a minute to absorb everything in the film. first things first; it is a must see! go if you haven’t, run and check it out today!

the thing i am left with most is that the legends that we look up to like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., were people just like us.  the difference was they had a vision and took action.   that’s it.  

so many women and girls were part of that history because they listened to their hearts and were moved.

let Dr. King holiday be a reminder to us all that we have dreams in our hearts that we must act on.  


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