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many of you have goals for the new year.   making it through the challenges those goals will bring is gonna take guts.  

how do you build confidence muscles?

check out my student health 101 january column for tips on what to do when you’re feeling insecure:



i mentioned several years ago that i’m not doing resolutions at new year’s anymore.  but i do want to think about what type of year this new one will be.  i’ve decided this year i’m ringing in the new year with three things…

first and foremost joy.   i want lots; so that means i’m bringing it on thick…laughter, fun times and joy, joy, joy!!!

next stop adventure.  2017 i realized that life brings it’s own surprises.  i want to create some of my own.  something as simple as trying out a randomly selected restaurant, taking on a new hobby, going for a walk to ‘nowhere’ and of course lots of travel. adventure will be a theme for 2018.

finally and certainly not least i wanna chill. my goal this year is to create peace each day. moments of silence, meditation and living as much as possible in the present moment. i’m tired of sweating over ‘spilled milk’ (or whatever that saying is)….namaste; all day:)

those are my three.

what are you looking forward to from 2018?



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for a whole lot of reasons 2016 has been challenges galore.  i’ve been more than ready to move on and find better times in 2017.  but this morning i woke up realizing that i’ve had the wrong attitude. i’m making myself more kranky than i need to be pushing off 16’s bad experiences.   this afternoon, i read a great post on In Her Shoes Blog.  they interviewed young and successful women about how they intend to bring in the new year.   

Gia Peppers, on-air talent & journalist for outlets such as, ESSENCE, E! and Hot 97 among others said, ” For me, 2016 was a year of making mistakes and “failing up.” A lot of the decisions I made did not turn out the way I expected them to — some were for the better and others weren’t. Still, in order to start 2017 on a productive note, I am going to make my mistakes (or lessons) work for me instead of against me. If you want to join, reflect on your biggest mistakes from 2017 and write down what you learned from them.”

after reading her words, i realized i gotta look at the silver lining of what i saw as a total mess.  new years day i will do just that.  i’m taking a quiet hour or two to journal the good that came out of those trying times in 2016.  

to read the rest of the tips for bringing in 2017, check out the full blog post here:



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Ready Set Go

where will you take life in 2015?

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everyone is making resolutions for the new year.  some are just rehashing the same ones from years past.  
many of those commitments involve losing weight.  it’s a challenge for many, including myself.
that’s why this year, i am not doing a resolution but making a life change towards fitness and health!
i’m so glad that my friend and colleague, Dr. Ramani Durvasula, has launched her new book, “You Are WHY You Eat.”
dr ramani book 1-4-13
As she told me, the book “isn’t about food, it is about your life.  this isn’t just about pounds, but about the weight you carry around.  this is about pushing through the fear and the stakeholders and taking back your life – one pound and one day at a time.”
Dr. Ramani has been featured as a Psychologist on Bravo’s Thintervention, Oxygen’s My Shopping Addiction and is regularly on CNN, The Today Show, HLN among many others.
To learn more about Dr. Ramani visit her website

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