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for a whole lot of reasons 2016 has been challenges galore.  i’ve been more than ready to move on and find better times in 2017.  but this morning i woke up realizing that i’ve had the wrong attitude. i’m making myself more kranky than i need to be pushing off 16’s bad experiences.   this afternoon, i read a great post on In Her Shoes Blog.  they interviewed young and successful women about how they intend to bring in the new year.   

Gia Peppers, on-air talent & journalist for outlets such as, ESSENCE, E! and Hot 97 among others said, ” For me, 2016 was a year of making mistakes and “failing up.” A lot of the decisions I made did not turn out the way I expected them to — some were for the better and others weren’t. Still, in order to start 2017 on a productive note, I am going to make my mistakes (or lessons) work for me instead of against me. If you want to join, reflect on your biggest mistakes from 2017 and write down what you learned from them.”

after reading her words, i realized i gotta look at the silver lining of what i saw as a total mess.  new years day i will do just that.  i’m taking a quiet hour or two to journal the good that came out of those trying times in 2016.  

to read the rest of the tips for bringing in 2017, check out the full blog post here:



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imagesfireworks and ball drops are about to kick in the new year.  

i’ll be off on vacation getting well rested for what will be a fun filled year.  

how do i know 2016 is going down like that?  i can already see it.  

i’ve got my goals and happy attitude to boot; a sure fire way to make it come true.  

what about you?

let us know what you see in store for this upcoming year…

When I was coming up Friday the 13th was a day everyone would dread.  Something wacky or strange was bound to happen!  Every teen would sit on edge, sure a prank was around the corner.  And of course it was…everyone was looking for something bad to happen. 

This time around I’m only looking for the best and so far its working.  To be fair I’m in San Diego, which is a city that you can’t help but feel good. The ocean breeze and chill out vibe is helping my effort. Plus the peanut butter banana stuffed french toast at the famous ‘Cafe 222’ was yum. 

That said, I’m only focused on the positive today. Gone is the annoying car alarm that woke me up this morning. Finito to the pain in my back from moving over the weekend .  Adios stress about my work deadline next week. I’m not thinking about it and I’m replacing it with only thoughts of good.

I notice the bright colors and happy flowers. The dogs waggin’ their tails and love inspired couples walking down the block.  I might even play my hand in the lottery (u’ll know I’ve won if this blog vanishes indefinitely:) Anything’s possible with lucky 13…

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