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american hero and civil rights leader Dr. Olivia J. Hooker died on november 21st 2018 at 103 years old.  her long and trailblazing life has been written about and honored by many these last few weeks, including receiving her very own google veterans day doodle and a beautiful tribute on nbc today.

Dr. Hooker was a survivor of the infamous tulsa race massacre of 1921, otherwise known as ‘black wall street’.  She was the first african american woman to join the US coast guard in 1945.

she received her phd in psychology at university of rochester at a time when many people of color had limited access to any forms of higher education.  she went on to work with children and served as distinguished professor at fordham university. this is how i learned about her and had the pleasure of meeting her.  Dr. Hooker’s accolades are many.  but what makes her a hero and treasure to america was her boundless heart and honorable character.   

she took me in as one of her own.  i have vivid memories of taking the metro north from the bronx where i was a young doctoral student at fordham to white plains.  she would pick me up in her car and we would drive to her house.  she would offer me a home cooked meal and we would laugh the day away.  she drove down to fordham for my doctoral hooding, she cheered me on in completing my post doc, shouted with joy when i got my first job as a professor and we had a huge celebration the two of us when i got tenure!!

she was always encouraging but also clear about the challenges and barriers that lay before me as an african american female psychologist.  often our discussions would revolve about the great needs among youth in our communities.  the strength, energy and most of all passion that is needed to serve.  the importance of love, generosity and optimism.  she taught me that titles, honors and awards are nice if and when they happen. but the true mark of success is making a difference in the life of yourself and others.   

i watched with awe as through her 80s, 90s and even into her 100s, she kept serving.  living life fully until the end. it has been a true honor to know such an amazing spirit as my mentor and friend.  the beautiful small service to lay her to rest this past wednesday was so special; just like she was. she will be missed but never forgotten.   

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imageslots of people in the news, including Lady Gaga, Taraji P Henson, Michelle Williams, Former First Lady Michelle Obama and many other have recently talked about how counseling/therapy has helped improve their lives.

therapy has been proven to help people overcome many mental and physical health challenges. it’s also a great way to jump start growth and self-development.  learning more about how to create peace, happiness and a positive mindset are some of the benefits of therapy.  the stigma around seeking a mental health professional decreasing, which is great.  however, many people don’t know how to take the first step.  if you feel ready to learn more about how to get support.  Here’s a link to my tips on how to find a good therapist.


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Dr. Ramani knows how to get you to face issues with food.  As a therapist on the Bravo hit show Thintervention, she cuts right through excuses, denial and fear with a quick wit and fierce style. 


Dr. Ramani sits with Jackie Warner and the contestants striving to help them tackle the underlying issues driving their weight gain. 

 To say she is an accomplished woman is an understatement.  She is perfectly suited to provide expert advice.  She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Full Professor at California State University, Los Angeles.    But Dr. Ramani is so much more than her titles.  She’s a fresh face who knows how to speak to everyday people because she’s also one of us. 

Most of us watch reality shows in shock and awe of how crazy some folks can be.   I often get even more upset at the ‘advice’ participants are given by so called experts who have little more to offer than tongue and cheek tips based on a whim and not science.   As one of my close colleagues, I can assure you Dr. Ramani is the real deal. She has always been an avid supporter of providing accurate and proven therapeutic approaches to the masses.   

See talk therapy at it’s best and you’ll be amped to get fit while watching.   Check out Dr. Ramani for the season finale of Thintervention this Monday October 25th on Bravo 10pm (EST).   To learn more about Dr. Ramani visit her website or follow her at

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