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dark girls 6-13i’m very excited that Oprah will be airing the documentary Dark Girls on OWN this Sunday 10pm EST.  i haven’t seen it yet but i’m sure it will be powerful.

i feel that it’s more than time that diverse topics about girls are brought to light in the media.  it’s been time for us to start talking, so we can do something about it.

which is why i’m also really happy to see a new film in the making about another experience that is often not talked about; being an ‘only’.

Black Girl In Surburbia is going to be a film about black girls who live in the suburbs. i know what that feels like.

combe hill photowhen i was really young (elementary school age), i was the only black girl in my school and it was hard.   being different is a tough thing for most youth and being singled out because of your race is no different.  

kudos to the Dark Girls documentary and salute to new film maker, Melissa Lowery…

check out the trailer for Black Girl In Suburbia:

Black Girl In Suburbia is a feature documentary that looks into the experiences of black girls growing up in predominately white communities. This film explores through professional and personal interviews the conflict and issues black girls have relating to both white and black communities. Release date 2014

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i’ve always been a girl and i’ve always been black. so at times it’s hard for me to realize that either one of the those things are not the same for others.   i started to learn pretty early on that people treated me differently because of my skin color but it took until i was in college to see that i might have a different life for being female.

fast forward a few years and we have girls empowerment programs around the world and all this talk about women leaning in and out.

heinz report 6-13but what i realized is that there is little out there about what this might mean for a black girl, like me.  so i worked with a really cool organization called truechild and we started writing a report.

the report focuses on how gender and race impact the health of black girls.  it was supported by Heinz Endowments.  check it out at the below link:

i wanna hear from you. does being a girl impact your health?  does what we wrote ring a bell?

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