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i know many of you are planning to be away sometime this august. everyone needs some time to refresh and recharge.  so i’m urging you to fully unplug!

i feel very blessed to have peace and relaxation on my recent trip.  i now feel like i am back and ready to roll.

last week i asked you to guess where i was. people came close but didn’t quite hit the mark…

so here it is.  enjoy the photos:)

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taking time to relax and recharge. any guess where i am?

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i’m out of school for the summer.  so i’m just as glad as many of you are to have plenty of time to relax and enjoy.  

watch my latest video to see what i plan to do with my free time this summer.  

let me know, what are you going to be doing this vacation?

i heard on the wendy williams show that beyonce got a hot gift from her husband. the rumor is he bought her a $20 million private island to get away and relax.  i’m not sure if the report is true but i can relate to my Virgo-mate’s need for quiet and peace.

i was really excited when my boyfriend announced he was taking me on a surprise trip for my birthday this past weekend.  we landed by the water in a quiet dreamlike space.   i’ve never seen a more picturesque place; it was breath-taking. even greater was it allowed me to slow down and have peace.  peace turned to joy which lead me to spill over with bursts of energy. i may have been a year older; but my spirit started to feel like a kid again.  i was excited about everything.  with a curiosity like a five year old, i questioned the why’s of little things in life that we often look over in our ‘mature’ years.   it was just what i needed and i appreciate him for making it happen.

that’s why i didn’t for a minute gawk over the fact that Jay-Z spent so much money to find just the right gift for his boo.   as a woman who has achieved so much material and career success; one would think she has everything a person could ask for.  but one thing is for sure…no (wo)man escapes the stresses and dramas of life.  she needs a little down time like the rest of us. her circumstance of fame doesn’t allow her to get to a park or hike through the mountains. some serious dough had to be dished out to get her what we can have every day for little or no cost.  

i’m grateful that i have the freedom to take a break and breathe on the beach without interruption.  and i’m promising myself to honor that gratitude by taking more time to smell those free roses as often as i can…

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