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We are very excited to announce

Dr. Scyatta A. Wallace, CEO/Founder of Janisaw Company,

has received academic tenure from St. John’s University.

Dr. Wallace is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology,

where she teaches and mentors undergraduate & PhD students.

She now joins the less than 5% of Associate Professors in the country who are African American

and one quarter of tenured faculty who are women.

Congratulations Dr. Wallace for shattering glass ceilings.

To learn more about her work at St. John’s University visit

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i never went to a school that was really good at sports, so I could never understand college fans going crazy over their teams.   but it seems i’ve been caught by the frenzy!

st. john’s university women’s basketball team is heading to the NCAA tournament and there’s nothing but pure excitement over here.  not sure if it’s the “we are st. john’s” signs posted on every campus window/door or the fun filled peep rally held yesterday to cheer on our team.  i’m really excited and looking forward to a win.  let’s go RED STORM…check out their first game:

St. John’s (No. 9) vs. Texas Tech (No. 8), Palo Alto, CA Saturday March 19th at 4:20 p.m. (EDT) on ESPN2

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