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all this talk about ray rice and the abuse that his wife (then fiancee) sustained has really bothered me.  

only a few months ago, a CEO of a major corporation was fired for kicking and jerking a dog in an elevator.  He was sitting the dog for a friend and didn’t know how to properly handle the dog.  He mistreated the dog and it was caught on tape.  The company was about to fire him when he decided to ‘resign’.  

If a tough sentence is good for a person who kicks a dog; it should certainly be good enough for a man who knocks his wife unconscious and drags her body on the floor.  

partner violence is a very serious issue that many people including teens have to deal with. 

it’s so hard for the victim to get help. part of the cycle of violence is for the abuser to make the victim feel bad about themselves as a person to the point where they would take the violence and not recognize they should draw the line and leave.

what victims need are supporters who help them understand their value and make it clear where the line is.  not people like paul george!  second guessing said a lot. it gives his wife (former fiancee) the message that maybe his behavior wasn’t that bad. but it was!   thankfully many people have spoken on the side of denouncing ray rice’s behavior.   

Lets all stand up and support all the victims of partner violence and let the NFL know they needed to draw the line.


If you or someone you know is a victim of partner violence

get support by calling

National Domestic Violence Hotline for Teens



text ‘loveis’ to 22522

as a Christian, i’m celebrating our highest holiday weekend.   i remember as a young girl crying as i watched tv specials on Good Friday about Jesus wearing a thorn crown and being beaten before getting hung on a cross. it felt so wrong to my little girl self.  i couldn’t fathom the possibility that the Easter resurrection story is the story of everyone’s life.

fast forward many more years to my adult and want to be grown up self and i’m starting to see.   after going through a series of very tough challenges recently, i realized that the beaten to resurrection pattern is a part of life…

stuff hits the fan and then the fan blows up.   too much to handle or so it seems and we (i) crumble into a ball hoping it will go away.   but it doesn’t until i (we) get the courage to look the tragedy, problem, wreckage in the eye and stand in pain.  yes i said it…

go there and suffer. and not in silence. be brave enough to tell at least yourself what’s going on and how you really feel.   a few weeks ago, i took a full day to stare at the sky and do nothing but journal to myself.  it was ugly but so was Jesus’ thorny crown…

so many of us are dealing with the blows that life throws us. it is especially hard when we feel it isn’t our fault.   let the image of Jesus’ cross come to mind.  there wasn’t much fair about that. but so life goes, it seems…

Easter is a celebration for many Christians around the world.  but the celebration can mean something for all of us.   the Easter message that we can hold on a little longer. the Easter image that pain will subside somehow. the Easter promise of having faith things will turn around…the Easter morning when things are beautiful, brand new and there’s chocolate everywhere:)


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