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I never thought the day would come when I would be really mad at the government for protecting our rights.  But today the Supreme Court went too far when it decided to throw out California’s ban on the sale or rental of violent video games to minors, saying the law violated minors’ rights.  What’s the big deal you say?

Well according to a NY Times article, many of the games presented in the Supreme Court case are just plain horrifying…“The objective of one game is to rape a mother and her daughters….Soon, children may play three-dimensional high-definition games wearing equipment that will allow them to [actually feel the splatting blood from the blown-off head]”

Is it just me or should we continue to allow this type of legalise to bury the character of our Nation’s youth?   How wrong would it have been to ban the sale of these games to minors?  If cigarettes and alcohol are banned because they are harmful to the health of young people, why not video games.  The science is pretty clear cut, violent video games have a negative impact on the health of children.   Violence is a huge public health problem and is the leading cause of death for many groups of young people.  

Today, the Supreme Court decided they could care less about protecting the very youth they claim they are speaking on behalf of.  Shame on them…

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