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downloadthis week i went to see the new kevin hart movie #nightschool.  my week started off rough, so as a self care tool i decided to roll to the theatre mid-week.  i figured a goofy laugh would be good medicine.  and laugh i did, from the moment the movie started to the end.  you really can’t expect anything less from greats like kevin hart, tiffany haddish, yvonne orji and romany malco among others…

but what i did not expect was the homage that was paid to teachers.  tiffany’s character, carrie, is a straight shooter and uses unconventional tools to get her students to learn.  what i also loved was that she is a math teacher who uses creative ways to teach STEM.  it’s clear she cares deeply about her students’ success. she takes the time to get to know each and every one of their situations,  strengths/weaknesses and dreams. she masterfully cooks up lesson plans and calls them on their stuff to bring out the best in them.  

nightschool is billed as a movie about second chances and that it is. but for me it is a tribute to teachers everywhere.  a highlight reel of the sacrifices and love that goes into being a part of this amazing profession.  that’s the special treat of this hilarious movie and what makes it a must see for me.


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Tania Luna, CEO of Surprise Industries, opens her talk about a challenge she gave a group of students from a high school to capture the elements of surprise.

the videos from the students were hilarious!!  i’m cracking up as she shows the freeze effects that happen when we are surprised. the duh face:) which she explains is the expression of having ones eyes wide open during surprise.

she loves surprise because it indicates what we don’t know.   understanding how we deal with things we don’t know (surprises) is the key to success.

so ladies, change your views! let the surprise in and think differently from our own perspectives.  


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