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I was recently interviewed on NY1 about the new decision by NYC schools to offer the morning after pill to teens without parental consent.   You can check out the clip here:

This hot topic has hit airwaves across the country. Politicians, teachers, parents and teens are weighing in.   There is much to be alarmed about.  

According to a 2010 report by the NYC dept of health:

Over half of all 12th graders have had sex

70% of teens who have had sex are currently sexually active

Almost 1 in 10 sexually active NYC teen girls were pregnant in the last year

Among pregnant teens, almost 40% had been pregnant before

So clearly something needs to be done…

But is this the answer?  Let us know your thoughts.

I was recently interviewed for an article about the bold new policy that NYC Schools have put in place which provides the morning after pill to teens without parental consent.  What do you think?

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