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i’m sure by now you’ve heard about the twitter prank that used justin bieber’s name to encourage young people to ‘cut’ themselves. the tweet and hashtag went throughout cyberspace with photos of teens with cut arms.

quite frankly this is a form of bullying. to make fun of an issue that so many teens struggle with is heartless.  self-injury is one of the fastest growing risk behaviors for teens, especially girls.  studies have shown that as many as 1 in 12 teens harm themselves through cutting.

teens often cut when they feel like no one else understands them and they don’t know how else to express their hurt, sadness or anger.  that posting served to make teens who self-injure feel worse about themselves.  it only led to more violence and harm.

lots of folks have blasted the originators of the post.  i agree we can’t allow bullies like the authors of that post get away with it.  it’s zero tolerance time for that behavior.

let’s take back our cyber communities.   i’m calling for the authors of that post to not only be protested but prosecuted. violence is violence and there is no room for it online…


Jay-Z and Kanye West are making hits off of crazy cause the world is looking really nuts right now.  How many times have you and I heard about someone doing something and thinking ‘Are they CRAZY?’  

There have been a lot of reports in the news about crazy things that teens are doing.  This week in New York, 12 year old boys were charged and may spend a long time in jail because they pushed a shopping cart off the edge of a parking lot and almost killed an innocent bystander.  Kiddy pranks gone bad…

Then there is the craze of teens soaking tampons will alcohol and sticking it where the sun don’t shine so they can get extra drunk.  But instead ending up with alcohol

poisoning because their bodies have no way of knowing when they should stop…  

And the fad of blunt smoking K2 which is a synthetic “fake” marijuana that teens are using thinking that because it’s sold in the stores it’s good for you.  They are not realizing the substance is not made for humans and has caused heart attacks in a lot of the youth that have ignorantly smoked the drug…

Many of us were completely horrified hearing about two different cases of murder recently on college campuses in Maryland where girls in a brawl got killed by another female who became enraged and went completely out of control….

Acts like these and so many others leave adults shaking their heads in disbelief and many wiping their hands of what they feel are a ‘lost generation.’    I say how dare we as the ‘grown ups’ look at youth and turn away.  Those acts of craziness are signs that they don’t know any better. And how could they know something when many adults are absent; providing little to no guidance.  

I have been accused by some as being too soft on parents when giving advice about working with teens.    I don’t like to blame the many good parents out there who are trying the best they can to make it in a tough world.   There are so many issues to deal with it can be hard to keep up.  And they are trying…I believe we need not just parents; but community members, working professionals, teachers, clergy, really everyone to pitch in.    It used to be a village raising the children.    

So I’m talking to everyone- DO YOUR PART.  Talk to youth about the issues that matter in life.  Be frank with them about drugs, alcohol, sex and violence because it can be a matter of life and death.  Feeling uncomfortable talking about these issues with teens is not an excuse.   The next time you hear about a kid that has ‘lost their mind’; see it as pain, a call for help and take it upon yourself to be the medicine they need to come back to sanity…

Doctor’s orders

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